November 2, 2012   2 notes


The first installment of the Break Up Cassette Series casts a net across the San Francisco Bay Area Dance/Electronic scene and surfaces 3 distinct and truly amazing artist. Space Burn of Oakland weigh-in with a heavy mix that simultaneously envelopes with friendly rhythms and disorients with subtle abrasion. Never Knows (AKA Marc Kate) taps into minimalist techno to supply the perfect soundtrack for high-speed travel through abandoned zones of freeway architecture. Lastly is Bézier who is Robert Yang (Honey Soundsystem, Robot Hustle); however, you wouldn’t know considering the hard-hitting analog drive-by he has contributed. Each tape has been designed with late nights and car rides in mind. If this series doesn’t make you fucking dance you’re probably dead.

Available 9/11/2012, each cassette is a limited edition of fifty with a hand stamped cover.

Bézier - Paths

Never Knows - The Fait Tape Fate Tapé

Space Burn - Chapterhouse

July 12, 2012

"persuasive percussion"

"self-promotion is annoying. … but sometimes you just gotta tell
everyone…” - Fslux Xulsf, 7/12/12

So these folks
asked me to compose a piece for percussion, having never written a
note for percussion I jumped at the opportunity.
It will be performed next week at this week long event, I encourage
you to go to any and all of:

Tomorrow Outsound head honcho Rent Romus & I will be on KFJC to talk
about the summit, play some recordings and MAYBE I’ll do a live solo